Cold & Flu

“Of all the experiences I have had in the last 12 months of my visit to America, nothing has surprised me more than the general belief that there is no cure for the common cold … As one who has always been cured by medication whenever afflicted with colds and flu in my native land, the People’s Republic of China, I am… intrigued by this situation.”           — Hong Uu, Oklahoma State Medical Association Journal, 1984

Here is the link to my handout on the Chinese medicine approach to avoiding — or recovering more quickly — from cold and flu:  chinese-remedies-4-cold-flu . It describes how to use the herbal formulas that I’m sure Hong Uu was referring to in the quote above.

And a similar story that includes acupressure points for cold and flu relief:

Some years ago, a group of esteemed scientists from the People’s Republic of China were invited to visit the United States by the American scientific community. This event ushered in an exchange of ideas and an opportunity for two great nations to be able to corroborate on a number of issues vital to the health and welfare of the world.

Over a period of two months, the Chinese scientists visited virtually every major research facility in the nation, followed closely by their American hosts, who were furiously taking notes and promoting discussion on matters from nuclear physics to aerospace, medical research and treatment approaches. The visit culminated in a banquet at Princeton University in honor of the Chinese scientists, which was attended by a virtual “who’s who” of the North American scientific world.

During the banquet, the moderator of the event posed the question to the chief Chinese scientist as to what he felt was one of the most significant things he had learned in America; what had impressed him the most about the United States that he would return to China and share it with his colleagues who were not present on this historic visit? The scientist rose from his chair, strode to the microphone, gazed over the crowd and stated in understandable English: “The number one thing that has impressed me the most about America is the common belief by the common person that there is no cure for the common cold.” The American scientists were totally caught off guard with this statement, as it was perhaps the farthest thing from anyone’s mind. It was not what they had expected to hear.