Helping injuries with the Figure 8 circulation of qi: #2 circling wrists/ankles

When I was in acupuncture school, a friend cut her hand badly when taking out the trash. Someone had put a broken glass in the trash can, it got covered with other trash and when she pushed down on the contents to make room for more, she sliced the tendons in the palm of her hand.

Her injured hand and wrist were taped and immobilized so the tendons could heal. Our acupuncture teacher and her qi gong teacher both suggested what they considered to be best way to send qi/energy of healing through her injured palm. They prescribed her circling the opposite wrist (sound familiar?) and also both of her ankles, many times several times a day. Moving the energy through the joints of her opposite hand/wrist and through both feet/ankles would keep the energy circulating in that figure 8 pattern and so it would also go through her injured, immobilized hand, speeding healing.

This is particularly useful for injuries that are in casts.

Good luck and please let me know how your recovery progresses.

All best, Lela

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