magnets to facilitate healing bone fractures

My acupuncture colleagues and I use small (800 gauss) magnets on either side of a break to help energy cross the fracture and speed bone reweaving. (north side down on one side, south side down on the other side of the break)
According to meridian theory, here’s how to decide where to put the north side or south side down (you need to know which way the meridians flow – discuss this with your acupuncturist):
.   •  South draws from North, pulling energy across the break.
.       S pulls energy up the meridian across the fracture.
.           • yin leg meridians:  S above, N below  – Liver, Spleen/Pancreas, Kidney
.                (S on higer number point on meridian
.                 N on lower number point on meridian)
.           • yang leg meridians: N above, S below  – Gall Bladder, Stomach, Bladder
.           • yin hand meridians (arms hanging down)  – Heart, Pericardium, Lung
.                S below, N above (S on higher # point on meridian,
.                N on lower # point on meridian)
.           • yang hand meridians (arms hanging down) – Small Intestine, Large Intestine,
.                S above, N below                                                          Triple Warmer
“The primary actions of magnetic fields work through calcium metabolism, through the movement of calcium in the tissues. The earliest FDA-approved mag- netic devices were for bone healing. The magnets help to move osteoblasts into a fracture, for example.. . . magnetic fields increase osteoblasts; they increase osteogenesis.”
Study most often cited: Treatment of wrist and hand fractures with natural magnets: 2007 preliminary report. Costantino C, Pogliacomi F, Passera F, Concari G. Orthopaedics, Traumatology ..
Other studies cited at Research studies and reviews on magnetic therapy and its uses in healing bone fractures, bone formation, spinal fusion, and congenital pseudoarthrosis.


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