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magnets to facilitate healing bone fractures

My acupuncture colleagues and I use small (800 gauss) magnets on either side of a break to help energy cross the fracture and speed bone reweaving. (north side down on one side, south side down on the other side of … Continue reading

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Helping injuries with the Figure 8 circulation of qi: #2 circling wrists/ankles

When I was in acupuncture school, a friend cut her hand badly when taking out the trash. Someone had put a broken glass in the trash can, it got covered with other trash and when she pushed down on the … Continue reading

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Using acupuncture meridian energy circulation to heal injuries – including broken bones in casts: #1 acupressure on the opposite side

My wonderful acupuncture teacher Miriam Lee taught us that energy (qi) circulates through the meridians in a figure 8 pattern. So if you have pain or injury in your left elbow, you can find sore points at the equivalent location … Continue reading

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